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How I consistently make 

6 Figures+ as a Part Time Faux Loc Stylist!

(without working more than 3 days a week, posting everyday on Instagram or being a celebrity stylist!)

What you'll learn:

The Best Business Model for Stylists looking to work less and make more! I'm going to dive into the Ins and Outs of my  my 6-Figure business model so you can disciver why the way you have been structuring you business and attracting clinets will keep you underpaid, overworked and overwhelemd. 

Listen you're about to learn the Best way to structure your business so that you can get your freedom back, earn more than ever before and attract your dream clients.


How you can take one service diversify 10x to create different streams of passive in-your-sleep income so you can get paid even when youre not physically standing behind the chair

How to use my signature MIG Framework to discover your mastery service, introduce/launch a new service and grow your income and clientele. Learn exactly  type of content to post and when to post in order to leverage instageam to book alendar out 4-6 months in advance. You can modify these to fit your goals.

Are YOU Ready to Become a 6 Figure Loc Stylist?

 Join the Paid Free Loc Bootcamp 


Make sure you watch the entirety! I’m dropping all of the strategies on shifting from over-worked and underpaid to the most sought out stylist in your city.


At the end, I will extend an exclusive invite to join the Pain Free Loc Bootcamp.


This is where I will teach you all the tools you need to grow as a part time 6 Figure Faux Loc Stylist, use one service to diversify your income with my MASTER-INTRODUCE/LAUNCH-GROW Framework., and attract your dream clients without being glued to your phone 24/7.


The Pain Free Loc Bootcamp is designed to coach and guide you so you can confidently launch your new service, get visible so you can attract Dollar dropping clients and make money even when you’re not behind the chair.


The training is virtual, live and hands on with on going coaching and mentorship in my Facebook Group. You get lifetime support, access to coaching replays and live Refresher courses.


To the stylists finally ready for freedom from the 7-day-work-week

to the stylist ready to build a legacy and earn the income they’ve dreamed of


Come snatch your seat!

IMG_2241 (1).png

Check out the Results Stylists Experience After the Bootcamp!

Copy of Untitled.png

 I took Chelsea’s HOUSTON class and it was truly one of the best investments I could have ever made for myself and my business.

She was patient and answered all of our questions and even challenged us to understand what sets each of us apart for our client base. The tools alone was well worth the investment and the. Add on the new techniques we learned and it’s a win win! Thank you Chelsea for sharing your gift with me".

Sherrah Chester - Houston Student, Level: Seasoned Stylist

"Chelsey is a GIFT FROM GOD !! I don’t know where to start. 

"Chelsey is a GIFT FROM GOD !! I don’t know where to start. I took her loc class and she was very thorough with detail and very patient. She didn’t hold anything back. She is theeee best teacher and I know this because I did my first luxe install and it came out A M A Z I N G. Her personality is very welcoming. Her class was worth it and I’m so glad I decided to invest in myself because with her technique I will earn that money back in NO TIME. Thank you Chelsey, you the bomb girl lol"

Shay Travers - Maryland Student, Level: Seasoned Stylist


I took her class and I am SO happy i did!!! She was an amazing instructor


 and though i was skeptical about online because I’m such an in person visual learner, it felt like she was right in the room with me!! She’s given me skills to secure a whole new bag, and she left nothing out!!! The class was absolutely worth it!

Krystal Thrash  - Dallas Student, Level: New Stylist

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