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Here's HOW TO




There are Three methods you can use to wash your Locs:

Method 1:
Dry Shampoo for a quick please in-between washes. I recommend the Clean Freak shampoo from Target


Method 2:

First you will need to gather two bowls of water, your preferred shampoo I recommend: RenPure Shampoo, one small wash cloth and two big towels.

Add luke warm water and shampoo to one bowl. Wet one cloth with the water/shampoo solution, create a lather and scrub the shampoo solution on your scalp and roots until you feel your scalp is cleansed. Make sure you are solely paying attention to your scalp and any buildup you may have.

Next wrap a big towel around your shoulders or you may stand in the shower. Section your locs into 4 sections, two in front and two in the back. Use the bowl with clean water and pour the water onto your scalp in the section you are working on until clean, focusing only on your scalp.

While pouring the water on your scalp hold your locs outward to ensure the locs do not get very wet. if the do it’ll be fine and won’t change the locs this is to prevent the dealing with the weight of all of the locs being wet.

Take a dry towel and pat that section dry and move on to the next. . Repeat until all the shampoo is gone.


Method 3:

You can also put shampoo and water into a bottle with a thin applicator tip and wash your scalp with your fingers. Wash it out with the method above or a detachable shower head to ensure you don’t wet the entire length of your locs.


Moisturizing and Sealing

After washing use a liquid or spray on moisturizers like AsIAm CocoShea spray or Mielle Organics Pomegranate And Honey Hair Spray-and a light oil like jojoba, almond or grapeseed oil to seal the moisture in.

To moisturize and seal you need to section your hair off after washing, spray on or apply a moisturizer with an applicator tip, and then seal with an oil in the same fashion. If your scalp and/or roots are damp or wet, keep your hair wrapped up in sections and allow it to dry before covering or styling.

If the ends of your locs are synthetic, keep them moisturized by applying a solution of 75% Vo5 Strawberry Moisture Milk and Water to keep them moisturized. You can do this with human hair ends as well.


Night time Care

Put your locs up in an extra large bonnet.


Removal for Indvidual Locs: please watch this video 

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