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Here's whats KILLING Instagram Engagement for Hair Stylists

We can all pretty much agree that when Instagram changed the algorithm the game changed? Whew chile! We’re seeing posts from 3-4 days ago as if it was posted today! Many of accounts we would frequently see have disappeared. That's hella scary, especially for businesses that heavily rely on the platform. But can we be real, sometimes it’s not the algorithm, It’s you, sis. Hey! We’ve all been there, Instagram can seem overwhelming and daunting.

But don’t worry, I got you. In this post I am going to explain the 3 Mistakes Killing Your Instagram Engagement and how to avoid them.

1. You’re not creating a conversation with your content. Your captions are dry.

If I had a dollar for the every time I saw a super short caption that reads; “Click the link in the bio to book”, I’d be rich. Rich, Rich Sis. Captions create a beautiful opportunity to start a conversation and position yourself as an expert. Instead of posting the cop- out-easy caption, use your caption to Educate, Entertain, Inspire or Ask a Question. Educate your audience about what you’re posting. Here are some examples of what you can include in your captions

  • The steps it took to achieve the look. EDUCATE

  • Why you mixed certain colors (maybe you choose auburn and medium brown because fall is coming up). EDUCATE

  • Your client’s reaction to their new look. (Possibly a video post. Videos receive more engagement) INSPIRE

  • Ask a “This or That” question by posting a collage with two different colors or looks. Ask your audience which one they prefer (pro tip: this will increase comments and boost engagement). ENGAGING QUESTION

  • Post a throwback of when you first started doing hair and tell us about your journey. INSPIRE

  • Post a relevant meme for your industry. (a client’s be like meme or a stylist be like meme) ENTERTAIN

2. Low Quality photos

Because Instagram serves as our visual portfolio, the photos have to be on point. Photos should be well lit with a non busy background. For my photos I use a room divider or bulletin board paper for my backdrop and a diva ring light. You can also use the FaceTune app to blur your background. You want the central focus of the photo to be your client and it’s hard to pay attention beautiful work if the salon station, tv or other items can be seen in the background.

3. Lack of Consistency

Here’s the truth; every piece of content you post won’t get hundreds of comments and likes. But when you consistently show up online for your audience you stay fresh in their minds. Consistency creates trust and the more your audience trusts you the more likely they are to book or buy from you.

We all start somewhere. As you start to slay instagram there’s no need to delete your old posts. People love to see transformation. And deleting your old posts will make it seem like you’re a new-comer. You have the skills we just need to present them beautifully, consistently while properly communicating value to your audience.


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