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This is for Stylists who are ready to SLAY Instagram

Instagram is such a vital part of business for stylists. Instagram serves as our visual portfolio for potential clients to see our work and an avenue to stay connected with our current clients! I know creating content and graphics for instagram can become tedious, but we still do it. Because we want to want to stand out in this over saturated market and stay fresh in the minds of our audience.

So if you’re going through the work of putting content out there, let’s make sure that your content is performing its best by increasing your engagement, connecting with your audience and on par with your brand.

Here are somethings I want you to consider.

Engagement Hack: Start A Conversation This cool tip was shared by MoreThanSocial.Co

Ask Questions, you Know the answer to. Post a question with an A or B choice. (Double Hack) Once people comment their answer respond back, this will boost your engagement.  (Triple Hack) The comment section will draw attention as the comment count rises and more people will join!

Give Your Clients a Voice:

When you considering offering a new service or if you want to know what your audience would like to see more of; ASK THEM. People love to feel as if they’re apart of your process. When your audience feels that their input is vital to your brand they’ll interact more with your brand.

Pick an Instagram Theme and Stay Consistent:

Short attention spans are real. The quickest way to lose followers is to go on a long hiatus from posting content. Have you ever followed someone, only for them to go ghost and pop up down the line? More often than not, you probably unfollowed that person because you don’t remember following them in the first place.

  • Choose an Instagram theme

  • Create a Posting Schedule – think about how many times you want to post and on what platforms

  • Create the Content

  • Post The Content (insert product or freebie that leads to automate video)


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