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Ready to be the most sought out stylist in your city!

My students have created an income of $6,000 - $12,000 per month with my signature techniques.

June 8, 2022 in Atlanta, GA


Let me tell you, this is not one of those situations where the teacher holds back all the real juice and leaves you with no support after spending your money! After this training you will walk away knowing how to:

  • Create handmade loc extensions using different textures of Human Hair using locking needles.

  • My signature Faux Real Locs - Install Loc Extensions Temporarily. 

  • Loc Extension Remove for Temporary Locs.

  • Utilizing Social Media Content to attract clients and increasing booking

  • Creating 3 Streams of income with your new technique.


This workshop is perfect for new and seasoned stylists, in-home stylists, suite owners  ready  to gain more freedom, work less and again a calendar full of clients that they love to serve. Annnnd finally earn six figures.

Side-hustlers ready to make $3000-$5000 just on weekends. So they can spend more time with their families and use the extra income to live the life they've dreamed of. 

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Over the last seven years, I've been serving women just like you. I've done two national tours & two Virtual Workshops teaching my techniques. I have  the ability  to teach a variety of learning styles.

I always show up and give 100%. Nothing will be held back.

This is my commitment to you. And I need you to commit to showing up ready and willing to learn and EXECUTE. The difference between the stylists who go on to book clients consistently and make 6 figures is commitment

Together, we can change the hair industry for the better by filling it with happy stylists who feel valued because they earn what their worth and they do what they love to do.

If you're genuinely ready to put in the werk and invest in your success. I'm ready to help you.

It's time for you to make more money & actually love what you do!



By the end of the training, you’ll have everything you need to build your clientele and income with your new signature service!

Here's what we'll cover in this 8 hour workshop:



Faux Real Loc Fundamentals

  • Creating handmade locs with various textures with crochet needles

  • Temporary Loc Installation  

  • Prep for Thick, Fine and Normal Density Hair

  • Loc Extension Removal

  • Color Theory and best practices for creating colored locs


Systems & Income Diversifaction 

  • Pricing your service for Profit

  • Income planning

  • Creating 3 streams of income with your new skill

  • Learn how to properly set up your booking system to accept payments, communicate with customers, decrease cancellations  

  • Create a client policy that protects your clients and your business 

Social Media Marketing

  • Client Snatching Content Planning to attract your ideal client

  • The best way to use captions, Instagram stories, Tik Tok and Reels to get clients in your DMs

  • Social Media Marketing strategies  to Launch your new service and boost your brand visibility

  • Mapping out content when building a clientele from scratch


 Swipe the gallery to see what you'll be learning!

General Admission


Learn how to master the following Locs:


Faux Real Locs - Baby! this is the money makers, you will learn how to hand make 100% human hair to create bomb textured locs. You will also learn how to install on various hair types and removal.

Workshop Kit with hair tools & the hair needed to complete the workshop


1 Live Q&A after class

Access to the Business Building Class Segment: Systems and Income Diversification & Social Media Marketing

VIP Admission



All the perks of General

2 Live Virtual Q&A's after class

Exclusive Goodie Bag that includes:

HerMuse Business Workbook for Social Media Content planning, Income planning & Supply Ordering.

 Vendor List- Access to all the vendors I use to order hair for my locs.



"I absolutely loved this class I've been doing the locs for years and my biggest issue was stiffness and when I decided to invest in myself and take Her Muse class I mean...she solved my problem!! I'm so excited to be able to add these new and improved locs to my services because I'm about to be lit thank you so much Queen for sharing your gift and talent. Please if your looking to invest in yourself TAKE HER MUSE CLASS! you wont regret it."



Elke Guignard  @stylesby_elke

"I just took my class this morning with Chelsey and I am amazed with the information and the technique that she has taught me today to further my loc business ... she was so sweet, energetic & excited to teach me the ends and outs of the marketing and technique of how to achieve her locs ... I truly appreciate her, you don’t come across many people like her and I appreciate her willingness to teach me exactly how she has became so successful."

Brittany Guest @brittmonea


"Just looked at my report for 2020 and I literally made more than my salary. Remind you, I am a teacher of 12 years with a Master’s degree! WOW! Next goal is to make my 2 salaries combined from just one career. 

Keisha Wilder @kfinitybeauty

"Chelsey is a GIFT FROM GOD !! I don’t know where to start. I took her loc class and she was very thorough with detail and very patient. She didn’t hold anything back. She is theeee best teacher and I know this because I did my first install and it came out A M A Z I N G. Her personality is very welcoming. Her class was worth it and I’m so glad I decided to invest in myself because with her technique I will earn that money back in NO TIME. Thank you Chelsey, you the bomb girl lol"

Shay Travers @theblessedbraider

  • How do I enlist?
    Click the enlist plan that works best for you and check out to secure your spot. Can't wait to assist you in building your business.
  • What happens after I enlist?
    After you sign up you will receive an Enlistment packet that direct you on how to access the facebook group, sign up for class alerts and everythign you need to be successfuly in bootcamp.
  • What supplies do I need for the boot camp?
    You need a phone or a laptop with WIFI connection, pen+pad for note taking and a whole lotta level up energy!
  • What if I miss a live class?
    If you miss a live class you will have access to the reply and If you have questions for me, you submit them in the online community for me to answer.
  • How long do I have access?
    After you enlist, you have lifetime access to course materials.
  • What if I'm new to business or don't have my social media set up
    Now is the perfect time to start. You have the advantage of doign it right from the very begining. Social media content is created to build your audience. Getting a jumpstart on knowing your target audience, how to interact with and market to them is so vaulable. Here you will learn how to start and grow.
  • What if I've taken social media classes before?
    Sadly, many teachers in the beauty industry opt to teach marketing and branding as an extra bonus in their classes with no real strategy or plan. They fill classes with motivation and inspiration, only for you to fizzle out after class. Here you will learn proven social media marketing strategies to implement now, how to meaure whats working and how to create profitable social media content.
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